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We’ve got 5 reasons why you should choose us over other Property Management companies.

Do It Yourself Maintenance

Do you manage your property currently and need some help in some aspects such as Finances or Administration? We can help with that!

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We at AllianceHOA take property management to the next level. We will not be satisfied if you are not satisfied. We hear many complaints from homeowners and board members asking us why their old property manager does not respond in a timely matter. Communication break-down happens and may bring down the community if not effectively managed. We also hear ‘why management companies only work 8-5.’ Sometimes it’s hard to call the company after 5 and on weekends when many of the community members are off and that’s when they have time to call the management company. Lastly, one of the most common complaints we here… “Why do we pay so much in management fees? That is a large part of our expense and dues keep increasing.”

The ALLIANCE Advantage – Here is what separates us to the next level:

Communication at its best!

At AllianceHOA we don’t over promise and under deliver. When we say we will return all calls, emails, messages within 12 hours, we guarantee it. We understand how important your community is and in doing so we have made the following available:

The Alliance Advantage

Let us take care of your property!

Documents to Review When Buying HOA Property

05 Jan
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When you buy a property in a common interest development – an HOA – YOu are not just buying your particular unit. You also are buying into a larger entity that typically owns the building structure, the roof, the parking garage, the clubhouse, the pools, etc…

13 Tips Every HOA Board Member Can Use

26 Aug
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Being an HOA board member is no easy task. There are meetings to attend, decisions to make, and duties to fulfill. With the extra demand for your time and resources that comes with being a member of the board, you and your fellow board members can probably take all the help you can get. Like any budget, there could be…

8 Ways to Lowering Your Homeowners Association Dues

26 Aug
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Whether you just bought a condo or have owned one for years, you’ve probably accepted the monthly homeowners association(HOA) dues at face value. But there are reasons why you shouldn’t.


Hear what our clients have said about us!

Tiffany Thompson

To simply say they were very good at their job would be the grossest of understatements. Their commitment, dedication and enthusiasm to what is at times a difficult task, was superb. In all my years in business I have rarely worked with people who are such true communicators.

Chris Hemsworth

We chose Alliance HOA over other agencies as you appeared professional and offered a comprehensive communications plan. You lived up to our high expectations at all times and all our dealings with you.

Steven Moore

We had faith in Mo over at Alliance from the beginning and Mo certainly lived up to our expectations!

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